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Mending What's Broken TOUR 2022

Be a part of the Mending What’s Broken Kintsugi Tour 2022 


Intention and Purpose of Tour

We are living in deeply challenging times in a world that often feels very broken. We’ve all experienced navigating a world pandemic with a multitude of losses and changes to our lives. In addition, many have experienced the effects of broken systems, overwhelm and uncertainty about how we move forward.


Mending What’s Broken honors what was broken, invites participants to look at the pieces in new ways, and explore the ‘glue’ that assists us to mend. This results in unpacking skills and abilities to navigate challenges and keep going.  

This program has already been successfully facilitated for hundreds of participants across a variety of challenges. In 2019, Kristin Toured 5.5 months across the US and Canada facilitating her program Steer Your Story for survivors of abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, trafficking and war. She is excited to get back on the road!

Who is this Tour for?

This Tour will donate, both in person and hybrid, Mending What’s Broken sessions for several different populations, in various organizations and agencies, who have been especially impacted by current events and the pandemic. 

Thus far sessions have been completed with and are scheduled for:

  1. Persons with lived experience of abuse, childhood trauma, domestic violence and homelessness.

  2. Cancer survivors after treatment

  3. Persons in long-term recovery (from addictions)

  4. Teachers and educators

  5. Frontline workers including staff and counselors who work with survivors of abuse and domestic violence.

  6. Staff, administration and social workers who work in foster care family services.

  7. Medical, dental and street outreach staff who work with homeless and unhoused populations. 

Other types of participants are also welcome. 

How does Mending What’s Broken help?

Mending What’s Broken program melds Narrative Practices with the metaphors and physical art practice of Kintsugi to open and explore compassionate conversations about broken, pieces, and the glue that assists us to mend. Through this process participants become aware of preferred possibilities and their skills used to navigate challenging times. 

The physical art practice of Kintsugi is an opportunity to literally hold the pieces in one’s hands while using skills and to notice that although the broken pottery will not go back to its perfect original form, it is still of value, usable and a tangible reminder of putting pieces of our lives back together. 

To learn more about Kintsugi and what the workshop looks like click here:

How can you get involved? 

  1. Connect Kristin with other organizations or populations who might need this program.

  2. Connect Kristin to potential sponsors or donors

  3. Support directly with specific needs:

  • Gas to power the camper van Kristin Pedemonti, Founder and Facilitator will drive and stay in across the US to deliver sessions in person. 

  • Camp site fees. (Kristin will occasionally need to plug in the van to recharge) $40 to $80 per night 

  • Supplies to do Kintsugi art process. Potential of 200+ persons at $12 per person 

How can you donate?

Venmo: @Kristin-Pedemonti

Paypal:,  after you indicate your donation amount, please click on “Trusted Purchase”

Wanna send me an electronic gas card?

Wanna support Kintsugi art materials?

Need to make a larger Tax Deductible donation? 

You can write a check to my non-profit fiscal sponsor:

 Artists Standing Strong Together. (They receive 6% of your donation. Win/win!)

mail to:

Artists Standing Strong Together 

c/0 Anne Rutherford, Treasurer

1014 SE Sherrett St.

Portland, OR 97202

Or To make an electronic tax deductible donation: 

  1. Click:

  2. Under PURPOSE in Drop down menu Click on: "Help ASST Grow"

  3. Click on the Note Comment and indicate "Mending What's Broken Tour"

(Note, Kristin is paying all the fees for the electronic donations, which is fine, just be aware <3)

Perhaps you want to know more about Kristin Pedemonti, Facilitator: 

Kristin Pedemonti, Master’s Narrative Therapy & Community Work is a Narrative Practitioner specializing in piecing together preferred stories across a wide range of challenges. She has worked with persons with lived experiences of childhood trauma, domestic violence, trafficking and war. As well as with caregivers, creatives, educators, frontline workers, healthcare professionals, and teachers. 

Kristin is a full-time Storyteller, Speaker and the recipient of National Storytelling Network’s International Story Bridge Award for her work across cultures. She has presented and performed on 5 continents and 20 countries from Albania to Bali to Colombia to France to Kenya and her favorite so far, Iran. 

She is also a Storytelling Consultant at the World Bank where she teaches upper-level staff how to tell the human stories behind the data. Kristin is the author of three books, most recently A Bridge of Stories which chronicles her journey creating and facilitating a decolonized seven year volunteer literacy project in Belize in which she returned banned stories to their rightful owners. Kristin was also a finalist in TED Talks Talent Search, watch by clicking. You can learn more about her latest work here: 

Contact Kristin here:

And if you want to know more about the 2019 Tour, read on...

The Back Story: An incredible journey: 

I got into my car on May 4th 2019 and literally "steered my story" 13, 912 miles from Allentown, Pennsylvania all the way to Washington state then to Calgary, Alberta and arrived back east October 28th. I facilitated Steer Your Story workshops for 220 survivors and those who work in service with them.

Steer Your Story is validated & tested with 30+ workshops delivered and has already served the following populations in the US and Canada:  survivors of abuse, addiction, childhood sexual trauma, domestic violence, homelessness, trafficking and war. As well as those who work in trauma including case workers, counselors, ministerial staff and social workers.

Steer Your Story has received testimonials like this: 

“Thank you for helping me reclaim my narrative, Kristin. As a woman and an abuse survivor, I found this profoundly empowering. I am still experiencing the personal and professional aftershocks of the insights I made. Through your unique story-telling approach, I gained insights that I failed to make during years of therapy. You helped me look at my past mistakes as opportunities for growth, rather than as reasons to beat myself up.” Susanna P

Are you in need of this program?

Click here to learn about the Face to Face course

OR Contact Kristin so she can bring Mending What's Broken  to you and your community. 

Are you an ally who would like to support Mending What's Broken so those in need have the access they need?

Then get involved! You can donate through my Paypal here: donate

I am ready to bring this program to those who need it most.

Will you help me, help others to Steer Their Story? 


You can become a part of the team:

I need help:

  • marketing

  • fundraising

  • assistance arranging organization and individual requests for programs 

And if you know an organization, group or individual who would benefit from Steer Your Story, please reach out to me:  so I can connect!

Why Support Steer Your Story?

1. The need for free and reduced fee workshops is great:  

  • With every stop on the tour I met staff and survivors through many different organizations, churches, universities and schools who requested this program

  • Populations in need: survivors of childhood sexual abuse & sex trafficking, LGTBQIA communities, homeless women and veterans.

  • More requests are coming in weekly.

  • Potential to reach, serve and help in the healing of hundreds of women (and men) 

2. Your donation will reduce the barriers to accessibility for those who need this program the most:  

  • Survivors often either cannot or will not choose to spend money on themselves because of lack of self-worth; a program that is reduced in price or free may open the door to attendance and participation.

  • Survivors often struggle with addiction, achievement gaps and low self-esteem.

3. Your donation will serve survivors to recover: 

to steer their story from lack of self-worth to realizing their full value, stepping into their skill sets, living with more self confidence and navigating life with more empowerment and ease.

4. Your donation will support the face-to-face delivery of reduced and free programs across the US  wherever they are needed for an entire year: 

  • under-served, rural areas

  • for marginalized individuals

  • organizations without funding resources to pa

*Resource: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (

To learn more about impacts of trauma on development, and life:

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