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2  to 4 hour GUIDED INTERACTIVE ONLINE intensive includes tips, tools, and techniques so you can be in more resilient balanced service, address compassion fatigue and take better care of the self so you do not burn out.

This 2 hour interactive, trauma-informed workshop provides staff with a foundation of understanding secondary trauma’s impact on the mind and body while sharing easy to use tools and techniques so staff can navigate the reality of crisis work while being in a more healthy mindset; one of less stress and more resilience and self-care.


Often when we work with those in crisis, we get caught up in inner stories such as: “I have to fix it" and "I can't take a sick day, what will happen to my clients?" We also may be hesitant to admit we are overwhelmed or to seek help ourselves because in our roles of service we might think we should not need help.

You will be able to:

  • Understand the science of secondary trauma and its impact on self-talk and the body.

  • Explore: What is a healthy role in trauma-informed work? Letting go of “saving” or “fixing.”

  • Explore multi-faceted self + clients: we are more than job title, clients are more than trauma.

  • Understand neuro-plasticity and the brain’s ability to shift thoughts and perspective.

  • Reframe of situations, interactions: from “I could have done more” to “enough.”

  • Understand self-care as a required/necessary element of trauma-informed work: break it down into small achievable pieces (especially for over-achievers.)

  • acknowledge and reframe fear and urgency into ability to take action and into self-care

What will we do?

Online via Zoom video call you will explore:

Guided reflections, journaling, group and partner activities all designed to serve you to Steer Your Story.

Dive into 5 tips, tools and techniques with hands-on practice.

  • unpack old (or current) limiting beliefs

  • check perceptions/perspective

  • reframe

  • from overwhelm to more ease

  • come away with more resilience so you can move through current challenge with more empowerment

Take Home:

  • 8 tips, tools and techniques

  • PDF of the entire toolkit shared

  • Link to online PDF 5 page workbook Click for SAMPLE Activity

  • Online Reading Resource List

Optional Add-Ons for On-going Support: 

  • Private Facebook Group Forum

  • Follow-up Zoom video group or individual coaching sessions 

Specific Tracks Available for Staff Development:

  • COVID 19 Crisis

  • Leadership

  • Medical Staff

  • Mental Health

  • Survivors of trauma

Your options: 

  1. Scheduled dates and times:
    check calendar for a city near you: Events 

  2. Schedule your own group or one on one session: use the Book Me Tab

  3. Contact Kristin for availability

Investment: Currently in light of COVID19 all sessions are Pay What You Can, 

Yes, including $0

Contact Kristin for more information

Recommendation: "On June 6, 2019 I had the opportunity to attend Kristin Pedemonti's Steer Your Story Workshop hosted by the YWCA West Central Michigan. Kristin brought a positive energy to the workshop and was very relatable in her approach. From setting the stage by creating a safe space to encouraging participants to complete additional writing activities at home, Kristin was trauma informed.

The message behind Steer your Story is one of understanding how trauma impacts self-talk and internal narrative. The old narrative creates roadblocks and Kristin gave participants tools to steer their story around those roadblocks. It was easily understood and well-explained.

Kristin was able to connect with participants. I appreciated her approach being positive & upbeat & her ability to use humor.

I encourage you to offer this opportunity to survivors and staff through your organization.

Patti Haist, Director of Crisis Intervention Services

YWCA West Central Michigan"

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