Mending What's Broken:
how the metaphors and art of Kintsugi can help us put the pieces together

Many have been labeled 'broken.' But whose story is this? Kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending broken pottery highlighting and honoring the cracks rather than hiding them, is a perfect metaphor for a guided discussion and hands-on exploration of layers of meaning of broken, pieces, and the glue in our lives that allows us to mend and navigate challenging times. Narrative Practices honor and acknowledge the layers of influence that impact our view of self, other and the world around us. Melding these two practices is an opportunity to question, deconstruct and begin to create a preferred story.

Imagine the power of our preferred narrative of our lives rather than the often dominant story that is placed upon us by society, culture, gender, families and surviving traumas. Imagine what can happen when we journey together and see ourselves and others as more than a 'single' story of ‘forever broken’ or stereotype.

This workshop incorporates silent reflection, journaling, verbal discussion and the kinesthetic hands-on experience of Kintsugi. This incorporates visual, auditory and sensory learning styles. 

Learning Objectives:

After this workshop participants will be able to…

1. Understand and be able to begin to use 3 practices of Narrative Therapy: deconstructing a dominant discourse (broken), externalize a problem and how to facilitate meaning making to begin to see threads to a preferred narrative.

2. Understand how metaphor can 'thicken' a preferred healing story, in this case Kintsugi metaphors

3. Begin to see perspectives beyond a single problem story to multiple layers of preferred narrative in ones' life

4. Understand the value of hands-on practice connected to Narrative Therapy Practices to deepen the outcomes of preferred narrative.

Session One: Explore Metaphors within Kintsugi: From Stories of Broken to Stories of Mended, 90 to 120 minutes

Brief introduction to the art and principles of Kintsugi.

Brief introduction to Narrative Therapy Practices: deconstructing dominant discourse (ideas, labels), externalizing (the problem is the problem, the person is not the problem), and meaning making through curious questions.

Reflect on the damage a 'single story' or stereotype can do.

Reflect, journal and discuss the metaphors of Broken and Glue that helps us mend.

Where did we learn these ideas? Who or what is broken?

Reflect on the broken we wish to mend around us, discuss what glue might assist that to mend. 

Reflect on the skills and abilities that help us to navigate challenging times. (Glue)


Session Two: Mending What’s Broken: Hands-on Kintsugi Experience, 2 hours

Each participant will be invited to break and mend a bowl.  As participants break and mend the bowl, reflective questions will be asked to further the metaphor and elicit preferred narratives.

For example,

What do you notice as you break the bowl?

What might you hope to break and repair? (How does this relate to life)

What do you notice in the pieces? What might they signify for you?

What do you notice as you glue the pieces?

What skills are you using?

How might these also apply to everyday life?

The hands-on experience of mending the broken pieces assists participants to see their skills in action and highlights their preferred story of pieces of their lives (or others lives) mended together through the process. 

Participants keep their bowls as a tangible reminder.

Facilitator Bio: Kristin Pedemonti, Master’s Narrative Therapy & Community Work is a Narrative Practitioner specializing in piecing together preferred stories with survivors of abuse, addictions, and assault. She has worked with persons with lived experiences of: childhood trauma, domestic violence, trafficking and war. Recipient of National Storytelling Network’s International StoryBridge Award she has presented and performed on 5 continents in 20 countries, her favorite Iran. She is also a Storytelling Consultant at the World Bank. Kristin is the author of three books, most recently A Bridge of Stories which chronicles her journey creating and facilitating a decolonized seven year volunteer literacy project in Belize.

Contact info: kristin@steeryourstory.com

215-541-4535 cell

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