In light of the collective trauma of COVID19 and current events, Steer Your Story: coping tool sessions are adapted for those facing anxieties, struggles and fear moving through the collective trauma in these uncertain and challenging times.  There are also specific sessions for those working with those in crisis. We will focus on moving through while maintaining balance within as we walk this tightrope together.

Do you ever feel scared and overwhelmed? 
Are you driven by a sense of urgency and uncertainty?


​​Navigate current crisis with less fear and more ease while being realistic.

This program is designed so you can steer your story,  rather than it steering you. So you can do what needs to be done and feel less afraid.

What will we do? Focus is currently adapted to the following

Through guided reflections, journaling and small group activities all via Zoom video meetings you will learn tips, tools and techniques you can use immediately so you can feel more at ease and less stressed.

  • Understand impact of secondary/collective trauma.

  • Identify and unpack anxieties, fears and struggles as well as potentially limiting beliefs.

  • Acknowledge + Understand impact on view of self, interactions with others and navigating challenges.

  • Learn Neuroplasticity + 3 easy to use tools to shift into a less fear filled narrative.

  • Learn how to ask different questions and use new lenses to change perspective.

  • Reframe Self-care as self-full not selfish.

Who this program is for:

Anyone ready to feel less fear and feel more empowered to do what needs to be done. 

Anyone open to change and new possibilities. 

Past participants include: survivors of: abuse, addiction, childhood trauma, domestic violence, homelessness, sexual assault, trafficking and war.  As well as those who work in trauma and activists, creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders, LGTBQ,  and World Bank staff.

What this program is not:

  • A cookie cutter experience: It's highly customized based on your needs.

  • A lecture: this is deep discussion.


What are the results?

Together we will steer your story into one that propels you so you can:

  • Identify, understand and shed the old stories so you are more resilient and able to navigate challenges with more ease

  • Effectively use the power of your new personal story to shift mindset from potential problems to find solutions

  • Re-frame challenges from a stressful experience to being able to take action.

Girl in Car

"Thank you for helping me reclaim my narrative, Kristin.

As a woman and an abuse survivor, I found this profoundly empowering. 

Months after completing your program, I am still experiencing the personal and professional aftershocks of the insights I made.

Through your unique story-telling approach, I gained insights that I failed to make during years of therapy.

You model compassionate self-examination, and this helped me look at my past mistakes as opportunities for growth, rather than as reasons to beat myself up."

Susanna P



I recently completed a 30 credit Certificate in Narrative Therapy Training at Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy. Steer Your Story is based on 30+ years of research and theory and it works. The tools and techniques shared saved my own life. 


As we move through the pandemic and current events, we are navigating unprecedented times filled with unknowns and yet I also believe it is a time to come together. I am determined to do what I can to make a difference in being of service to others being able to maintain their sense of balance in their inner narrative and not allow fear to take over to the point of inaction. 

For me this is also personal, as a survivor of multiple childhood traumas I spent years telling myself a story that simply wasn’t true. A story of  anxiety and urgency and “not good enough.” This story kept me in a cycle of overachieving, co-dependent relationships, mindless busyness, and anorexia. It also at times kept me from taking action.

Perhaps you have told yourself a not true story, too. Maybe, like me, you spent years living in fear, or urgency, or seeking validation from others in hopes you would feel good enough.

Thanks to using the tools and techniques offered in this program I feel more empowered than ever.

I’ve been able to shed the stories of fear and urgency and create a life that is fulfilling and of service to others. 

I am living my purpose and passion every day. And I am able to maintain balance even in times of deep uncertainty. 


Steer Your Story is  trauma-informed so you decide what works best for you.


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