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Learn how to 'Steer Your Story' at Your Own Pace


Hands-on, self-paced course of 21 bite-sized activities so you can begin to Steer Your Story; construct a new narrative based on current evidence.

You will be able to:

  • identify and shed old stories

  • understand how to shift into a new more productive narrative

  • perceive past mistakes as potential learning

  • become more compassionate with self and others

  • see yourself as in control; empowered and able to handle challenges with more ease and less stress​

What will we do?

Three modules, each contain 5 guided reflections and journal activities that build on the previous:

  • Module 1: Become aware: identify and shed your old story

  • Module 2: Look at the evidence: different perspectives and perceptions 

  • Module 3: Revise your narrative: discovering a more empowered you!

  • each week includes group discussion chat

  • optional Zoom video group calls with Facilitator/Moderator Kristin Pedemonti to dive deeper

How Does It Work?

  • there is no “right” way or “wrong” way to do this course

  • choose to do activities at a pace and a timeframe that works for you: whether one per day in 21 days or a leisurely 6 weeks journey

  • choose to be part of a group cohort or go it 100% solo


Optional Add-ons for Ongoing Support:

  • private Facebook Group Forum

  • group or one-on-one zoom video coaching calls

Schedule Options:

Join a specific group cohort, date TBD

Go solo

Investment: $149

Scholarships and reduced fee for those in need: Contact Kristin for more information


Learn how to 'Steer Your Story' at Your Own Pace

Months after completing your program, I am still experiencing the personal and professional aftershocks of the insights I made during the course. Through your unique story-telling approach, I gained insights that I had failed to make during years of therapy.

I think it is a mixture of your own vulnerability and curiosity that allowed me to examine my own mindset in a new way.

You model compassionate self-examination, and this helped me look at my past mistakes as opportunities for growth, rather than as reasons to beat myself up. There was a delightful arc of positivity to the entire course, and lots of reasons to celebrate.

Thank you for helping me reclaim my narrative. As a woman and an abuse survivor, I found this profoundly empowering.

S. Paul

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