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Learn how to 'Steer Your Story' at Your Own Pace

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Helping You Move Forward

This hands-on, self-paced course includes 21 bite-sized activities so you can begin to Steer Your Story and construct a new narrative based on current evidence rather than the old chatter in your head.

Imagine a new narrative that serves you to be more empowered to make better decisions in your personal and work life, step into your skill set, and navigate challenges in a healthier manner.

Three modules serve you to begin to tell your story in a way that truly reflects who you are.

There is no “right” way or “wrong” way to do this course, it is all about what works best for you: you choose the path that serves you on this journey of self discovery!

Each week includes an optional online group discussion to share insights, challenges and a-ha moments. Bonus: Facilitator/Moderator Kristin Pedemonti joins you once a week via Zoom for an optional group video call to answer questions and dive deeper.

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Meditation by the Sea


Would you like to:

  • Feel more empowered

  • Get rid of “not good enough”

  • Pivot from seeing obstacles to seeing opportunities

  • Be able to move through situations/challenges with less fear and more ease

  • Engage in healthier relationships



Kristin is an award-winning Cause-Focused Storyteller, Speaker and a former finalist in TED Talks Talent Search 2013. She is the recipient of the 2011 National Storytelling Network International Story-Bridge Oracle Award and 2018 Seth Godin altMBA Madam CJ Walker Award for contributing most to the growth of others. 
Currently, she also serves as a Storytelling Consultant and Presentation Skills Coach and Trainer at the World Bank as well as other organizations, serving staff to tell the stories behind their data. She also consults and presents to clients such as Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, USAID, JP Morgan Chase and MIT. 
Kristin believes in taking risks and in connecting across cultures through story. She was the first American Storyteller accepted to perform in Iran at Kanoon International Storytelling Festival. Author of 3 books, most recently published in 2017: A Bridge of Story in which she shares her journey selling her home and most of her possessions to create/facilitate a volunteer literacy project in Belize where she donated programs for 33,000 students and trained 800 teachers how to use their own cultural stories in their schools.
Kristin is a huge fan of the power of story to heal; first ourselves and then others. We truly become the stories we tell.
Kristin Pedemonti learned early in life the value and impact of choosing a different story.
Growing up in a dysfunctional family with a chronically, severely depressed father; a Vietnam Veteran he served with an elite special ops core on highly classified missions. Unable to share his story and burdened with it, he had multiple suicide attempts and died when Kristin was 22. Her older brother coped with the pain through alcohol and drugs, an alcoholic by age 15, he is now 21 years sober because he too chose a new story. Her mother coped by often living in denial and creating her own reality.
Kristin chose a path out of the darkness through finding ways to share her truth, first through theatre and then the power of Storytelling to heal not only herself but offer a path for others too.
Together, let’s make it one that empowers and uplifts yourself and others.

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Months after completing your program, I am still experiencing the personal and professional aftershocks of the insights I made during the course. Through your unique story-telling approach, I gained insights that I had failed to make during years of therapy.
I think it is a mixture of your own vulnerability and curiosity that allowed me to examine my own mindset in a new way.

You model compassionate self-examination, and this helped me look at my past mistakes as opportunities for growth, rather than as reasons to beat myself up. There was a delightful arc of positivity to the entire course, and lots of reasons to celebrate.

Thank you for helping me reclaim my narrative. As a woman and an abuse survivor, I found this profoundly empowering.

S. Paul

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