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Whether guided or self-paced you are already on your way to a new story; one where you are more in control, empowered and ready for an exciting adventure. 

Each program provides tips, tools and techniques. Each one builds on the previous so you can:
- more easily reframe obstacles to opportunities
- view mistakes as learning
- feel more at ease and less stressed

What People Are Saying:

“Kristin, the workshop has been profoundly powerful for me. I have been acutely noticing my negative self-talk and taking the time to quiet, reflect and reframe how I see myself and my actions. I am also noticing the labels I use for myself and others and how the stories attached to those labels disempower me from being my best. As a survivor of abuse, I have a lot to unpack but feel inspired to at least start looking at it so I can recognize what is fact and what is story. Thank you.” ~ J.E.


  • 2 hours face to face or via video group or one on one call with program creator Kristin Pedemonti

  • Scheduled dates and times: check Events for a city near you or book a session

  • Customized content 

  • 5 tips, tools and techniques

  • Reflections, journaling, and small group discussions

  • Optional Facebook group post workshop


  • 21 hours of content via online course: choose group cohort or go solo

  • Flexible time frame: no set time to sign-in, go at your own pace

  • Weekly discussion groups

  • 21 Activities

  • Reflections, journaling and choose a partner activities

  • Optional group video call check-ins with creator Kristin Pedemonti